About Easy Gofer The EZ -Go txt golf cart has been manufactured since about 1995 and continues to be manufactured.  Since the EZ-Go txt has been so popular over such a long period, many accessories are available, both from the EZ-Go and from after market suppliers. All accessories except Easy Gofer which provide either  extra passenger capacity or  cargo capacity are  permanently attached to the golf cart and  make permanent structural changes to the original golf cart, preventing or very seriously hampering use as a golf cart.   Easy Gofer provides for serious cargo and bulk materials transport and dumping and even for extra passenger capacity while leaving the original golf cart available when desired.  Initial installation is very easy and subsequent installation and  removal is practically instant and needs no tools.  Easy Gofer has been developed and refined over the past two years  through daily use on my small farm in Montevallo, Alabama and has become essential in my work about the place.   It will on your place too.  Terry Arnold 205-665-2371   205-478-8244 tgarnold1@msn.com