Base Click arrow for video of Base dumping The six cubic feet capacity heavy duty  steel Base is ideal for carrying bulk materials like leaves, mulch, plant debris, firewood, sand, gravel, or dirt. The load transfers to the EZ Go cart through special load distributing rails attached to the bottom of of the base which seat on the EZ Go golf cart rear frame member.  The low mounting position of the Base makes loading with a shovel or fork natural and easy. The low position, the rounded corners, and the secure mounting of the bed also make it ideal for blending and mixing bulk material with no possibility of tipping.  The secure mounting design of the Base makes transport of the  load safe, easy,  and secure with no danger of tipping and spilling the load.   At the dump site,  dumping of the load is simple and easy.  To dump simply unhitch the retaining shock cord from the hook on the front of the Base, slide the Base back until it stops and dump.  (see photos below and video above). The rounded corners of the Base make for complete dumping with little or no residue left in the bed.  The same curves make cleaning easy.