Cargo Box Normally, the easy gofer is used with the Cargo Box mounted. The box is lightweight but very strong and is painted to complement the  EZ Go cart.  Cargo Box is manufactured with corrosion resistant  fasteners and waterproof glue.  The top of the box is trimmed with a spar varnished oak strip giving a nautical brightwork look to the box.  Corners are bound with strong corner pieces which enhance both appearance and strength.  With the Cargo Box mounted, the easy gofer is ready to carry most anything. The Cargo Box attachments keep it completely secure in use but allow easy and quick removal by just loosening two wing nuts at the front side. The box mounts on the top of the Base, utilizing it as a secure and stable foundation.  The Cargo Box is held to the roll top of the foundation Base by an angle section on the bottom of the Cargo Box. The generous dimensions of the cargo box (3 feet x 3 feet x 6 inches) provide for a lot of carrying.  The convenient height above ground of the  Cargo Box allows it to be used as a  work table or even as saw horses. The oak strips overhang the box sides, stiffening them and allowing easy workpiece clamping when the box is used as saw horses. Click on a thumbnail below for a slideshow of enlarged images