Easy Gofer is very different from other golf cart carrying accessories: The factory golf cart is not materially changed and remains immediately available whenever an unmodified golf cart is best for the job at hand.  There are no unsightly  metal or plastic boxes or ungainly seats permanently attached.    But when you need a working vehicle like a small dump truck or a freight carrier or even provision for an extra passenger,  changing from the factory cart to the new use  is practically instant and easy with no tools needed.  The resulting gofer is secure,  strong, and permanent until the unmodified golf cart or a different configuration  of the gofer is needed.
Easy Gofer lets you nearly instantly and without tools change the standard EZGo golf cart into a working vehicle, a rugged gofer for all your hauling jobs around the place. ...but then if  you need the standard EZ Go golf cart again…… lets you just as quickly go back without tools to the factory golf cart.   Easy Gofer for the E-Z Go Txt golf cart Cargo box great for general hauling in the generous 3ft square box Base easily carries and dumps bulk loads Base Page Cargo Box Page People Bench Page
Easy Gofer Video Showing Initial Installation Click on thumbnail to enlarge